Hello Knowledge Seekers,

Many of us use the internet for knowledge. Either to get a review on something, get outside opinions, or to put our own two cents out there. The days where media and government define our thoughts is curbing a bit. Seekers smart enough to find reputable and fact based knowledge on the internet now have a much better chance of making informed decisions, rather than ones based on suggestive bias. Sources put their two cents out for their reasons. This blog is no different. You the Seeker, need to locate this knowledge and filter through it yourself and determine if it is valid, useful, or a waste.

Generally, everyone walks a unique life, with no two being the same. This creates limitless opportunities, but also creates a scenario where no “handbook to life” can be written. In the past, people relied on immediate relatives, friends, and mentors to gain knowledge for decision making. The internet has been a fabulous tool to expand this ability to seek knowledge. I am merely contributing my experiences to the pool to not only help inform you Seekers of my experience and thoughts, but to also potentially gain feedback from those of you who have walked a similar stretch of life. I do this in the hope of turning knowledge into wisdom for all involved.

As with most new bloggers, I am still discovering my niche. Part of that will depend on what I am truly passionate about. The other aspect of that decision will come from you, the Seekers. Some of these may include: How-to College, life during/after college, Master/PhD degrees, military service, public vs. private sector employment, essay/paper writing, BDSM, ACL surgeries, relationship advice (insight for ladies, do’s and don’ts for guys), etc. If you happen to be reading this near the posting date, let me hear from you. Specifically, if you have a question about one of the aforementioned topics, here is a chance to poke for knowledge.  Otherwise, I will compose/review drafts on these subjects with a few swigs of rum and see which make it to you.

The Captain







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